Fixed Price Model

Engagement Models

The fixed price model is well-suited for small-scale, moderately complex, and medium-sized projects. It is particularly beneficial when project prerequisites, details, and schedules can be established upfront before the development phase begins. In this model, the main project objectives and deliverables are pre-defined, along with the associated time and cost. This approach guarantees on-budget and on-time delivery, fostering positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Key points of the fixed price model include:

Clear and well-defined scope: The project's scope is established upfront, ensuring a clear understanding of what will be delivered.

Milestone-based billing: Billing is structured around predefined milestones, allowing for better financial planning and transparency.

Reduced overall time: The predefined requirements help streamline the development process, leading to faster project completion.

Quality solutions within a fixed price: With predetermined objectives, there is a focus on delivering high-quality solutions while staying within the agreed-upon budget.

Better business analysis: This model encourages thorough analysis of your business needs, enabling us to provide appropriate suggestions and tailor solutions accordingly.

Fixed Price Model
Hourly Price Model

Hourly Price Model

Engagement Models

The hourly price model is ideal for projects that need a well-defined scope, have extended durations, or possess unclear specifications, requirements, and implementation plans. It is especially suitable for projects anticipated to change the development process. This model operates on a pay-per-use basis, where the project cost is determined by the time spent and resources utilized. Payments are made hourly, allowing for flexibility and accommodating evolving project needs.

Key points of the hourly price model include:

Suitable for all types and sizes of projects: The hourly price model is well-suited for projects of varying complexities and sizes.

Early development start: Unlike fixed-price models, the hourly price model allows the development process to commence before final requirements are fully defined.

Daily project work reports: Regular reports are provided to maintain project timelines and ensure transparency in the progress of the work.

Payment for completed work: Payments are made in parts and only for the completed work, providing flexibility and cost control.

Cost optimization and team flexibility: This model offers flexible options for optimizing costs and refreshing the team composition.

Effective communication for smooth workflow: Open and effective communication ensures a smooth workflow and minimizes risks for both parties involved.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Engagement Models

In the dedicated team engagement model, we provide you with a team that is carefully interviewed and approved by us to work exclusively on your project. This model involves a mutual agreement between you, the customer, and our outsourcing company, where we align with your workload and project requirements for a predetermined time. We provide a team of IT professionals tailored to meet your demands and dedicate their efforts solely to your projects. With this model, you can hire a development team without worrying about hardware, software, or individual salaries, as we take care of all those aspects for you.

Key points of the dedicated team engagement model include:

Skilled professional team: A highly skilled team of professionals will be assigned to work on your project, ensuring expertise and competence in delivering quality results.

Predictable expenses and spending control: With this model, you can expect entirely predictable expenses, allowing for better budgeting and cost control throughout the project.

Flexibility in team selection and control: You can select and control the team members working on your project, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

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Dedicated Hiring Model

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